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Lizzie’s List of do’s…

(…& do not)

Please note Lizzie Colman has made the following recommendations as a guideline to product care, and Lizzie Colman London does not take any responsibility for the consequence. 

Make sure to keep your Lizzie Colman London shoes away from contact with water, including rain, oils, alcohol or any other solvents. If your shoes do become wet, allow them to dry naturally, away from any heat exposure. 

If using any leather , cotton, woollen,  silk or satin care products on the shoes, check their instructions carefully first, to ensure the product is safe to use on the shoes, we would recommend a spot check in an area unnoticeable. Never clean your shoes with water or soap.


✴Do use your care bags to store the shoes, and do store the care bags in your shoe box, away from heat or direct sunlight.


✴Do keep shoes away from direct sunlight.


✴Do use a shoe tree or stuff the shoes with un-coloured acid free tissue paper, to help maintain the shape. 


✴Do use a shoe tree to stretch the shoe if it is feeling tight.


✴Do clean the lining of any surface dirt: use a clean, soft and damp cloth and gently wipe the cotton.


✴Do make sure to store away from direct sunlight, strong light or heat, in the care bags provided. 


✴Do make sure that any embellishment on our satin or silk shoes are kept away from the upper of the other shoe to ensure no scratch, snag or tear.


✴Do change the heel tip, (top piece) at a reputable cobbler, before extensive damage is done to the heel and balance of the shoe. Over time, due to extensive wear, the heel piece may naturally deteriorate, and become unbalanced. 


✴A waterproof spray may help protect the satin from light water contact. However, always spot test first.


✴Satin, taffeta and silk are naturally a delicate fabric, we highly recommend avoiding contact with any sharp or abrasive object or surfaces that might damage the satin or silk uppers. 


✴Do not clean any apart of the shoes with soap or water. 


✴Do not to allow water, rain, alcohol, oil or any other liquids to make contact with the shoes, any contact with any liquid may stain these fabrics.


✴We do not recommend replacing the soles as this may alter the structure of the shoes.


✴It is strongly advised to not walk on any wet surfaces as this may alter the shape the shoes and possibly stain the upper.


✴Please take note that all Leather, along with all animal skins, will naturally wrinkle and soften with age. 


✴A natural leather product can be used to maintain the leather however always read their instructions carefully first, along with a small spot check in an unnoticeable area. 


✴For suede, do use a soft suede brush to remove surface dirt and unify the pile of fabrication.


✴Ensure shoes are well ventilated before storing. Lizzie Colman Shoes must be stored in their care bag, placed inside the shoe box. Away from any direct sunlight and heat. 

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