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Each week we create different face covers email below to have a selection sent to you to choose from: 

Email to reserve your face cover.

Price: £20 each. 


  • All 100% breathable cotton

  • Machine washable 30’ degrees or lower.

  • Lay flat to dry, or tumble dry on a very low heat. Ideally place near to warm radiator to dry.

  • Handmade in London, using surplus fabric from Lizzie’s handmade shoes, continuing her zero waste policy and low carbon footprint.


The face covers are handmade with love from Lizzie Colman. The face coverings are not medical grade but they will prevent you from breathing on others and act as a gently reminder to not touch your face when out and about. 


25% of the profits from each sale, we will donate to The Blue Cross. 


Black backed face covers coming soon .. Email above for details.

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